Innovation Thailand

จากประเทศฐานวัฒนธรรม สู่ประเทศฐานนวัตกรรม

The Thailand 4.0 Policy employs innovation as a driving force behind the country’s economic and social development, creating -value-added and promoting Thailand’s innovative image. It also communicates the benefits of “Innovated in Thailand” products to the world, allowing the country to transition from a tradition-based economy to an innovation nation in the eye of international communities.

The National Innovation Agency, a public organization under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, has launched the Innovation Thailand campaign to promote the kingdom’s rebranded image and communicate the “Innovated in Thailand” value to the world. The campaign also engenders national pride in Thai innovations. Its key message, “Innovation for Crafted Living,” embodies the level of attentiveness that the world has come to know Thailand for.

Innovation Thailand embodies the country’s innovative predisposition, which is a by-product of a number of factors.

  • Imaginative

    Because Thailand is home to sources of inspiration, Thai people are naturally imaginative. We never stop innovating.

  • Open-Minded

    Thai people are open-minded. We welcome all ideas and perspectives.

  • Flexible

    Thai people’s flexibility allows us to improve existing inventions and innovate.


    Thai people’s crafty skills enable us to endlessly create new products.

  • Blue

    This Thai flag color represents Thailand’s stability and peace.

  • Red

    This Thai flag color represents Thailand and its vibrant living.

  • Pink

    This color represents Thai people’s friendliness, gentleness, and kindness.

  • Sky Blue

    This color represents tranquility, imagination, and openness.

  • Green

    This color represents freshness, growth, fertility, and suitable environments for innovation.

  • Orange

    This color represents life’s creativity and vibrancy.