Work-people connecting technology spurs innovations which help Thais managing matters easier

A smartphone is regarded as a personal device that is like part of everyone's body.  The smartphone has been developed with more functions and features beyond a basic communication tool, becoming a channel to connect to the virtual world, acquiring knowledge and getting information from social media and new platforms.

The technology's ability to reach diverse people has led to further development, serving as a channel to connect people with works to help in managing personal and business matters more easily.

Let's see what platforms are there?

  • Fixzy

    is an app for searching quality technicians in the disciplines like home repair and household services. These technicians are screened and trained to the specific standards which meet the needs of homeowners.

  • Kolla

    application stems from the concept of calling a taxi via mobile phone to evolve into the job searching service on mobile devices. It uses Google Maps to match jobseekers looking for works near their houses. It boosts the chance of getting a job close to home to reduces travel time and costs.


    offers a network of messenger services through websites and mobile applications. The services include receiving-sending documents, collecting cheques, placing bills and delivering items across Bangkok and its vicinity with a delivery progress tracking system.

  • Seekster

    is a professional maid services platform. It connects workers with the businesses by creating worksheets or ordering service providers through mobile applications. The platform helps customers to track job status in real time, suitable for logistics business, technicians, installation service, or businesses that want to collect customer information.


provides part-time staffing services in one-stop, from recruiting people to preliminary screening, practical training, cultivating a working attitude, monitoring works and payment. It enables students to get short and long term part-time jobs to build their professional skills.

Aside from bringing people and works together, these innovations allow many people to manage their personal lives and business more easily.