Thai innovations for the elderly that meets the needs of modern families

Thai innovations for the elderly that meets the needs of modern families

At present, Thailand has over 11 million elderly people, accounting for 16.73%* of the total population. The number of elderly people will keep rising in the future and their proportion to the young and working ages will enlarge. This indicates that the elderly will become more self-dependent in caring for themselves.

As the elderly's physical condition begin to decline and their children have to go out to work with no time to take care of them, these scenarios have inspired innovations which will help the elderly to live more easily, less dependent on their children and at the same time relieving some anxiety on the mind of children who work outside. The children can monitor the wellbeing of the elderly and communicating with them - a perfect combination of technology with today's social conditions. The elderly can therefore live a normal and happy life.

Dinsow Mini

is an elderly care service robot capable of communicating and interacting with humans. It uses motion technology with a pilot system based on image processing, along with the control and communication systems over wireless networks. It relies on artificial intelligence (AI) learning to enable robots to understand the language and expressions, as well as to communicate with humans. It keeps the elderly company and being happy.

Suk Jai 

is a smart device that automatically detects and alerts the fall of the elderly. It lets family members check the daily health data of the elderly. When there is an accident or falling, the system will detect the crash and send a signal to the central system to notify the hospital and family members. There is also a one-button emergency assistance system. 

There will be more and more Thai innovations created to answer the needs of the elderly lifestyle in the future. They will allow Thai people to have good health, living easier and happier, and making a society of smiles, thanks to Thai innovations.

* Data from the Department of the Older Persons, Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior as of 31 December 2019