Thai innovations for new income generation

	Thai innovations for new income generation
Thai innovations for new income generation

Thai innovations for new income generation

The urban life is full of rushing -- waking up early, hastily leaving home to work, stuck in traffic for hours, and the works at the office are so stressful that there is little time for yourself.  For many people their breakfast is only a cup of coffee and other meals can be simple fast food. When it comes to preparing and cooking as you like, the time constraint and complication seem to get in the way.

These problems serve as an inspiration to invent things which fulfil the city life and also innovations which create new careers and income generation. These come in the form of dietary supplements and a variety of snacks which help people to live their lives as delicately and happily as they like while getting the benefits and the right nutrition.

  • Mae Napa is the ready-to-eat Khao Tom Mud,

    a favourite Thai snack whose preparation is quite complicated and can rot easily. That is no more, thanks to the application of the retort food preservation process to sterilise under pressure, no need to add preservatives and not losing the original flavour. Just put it in the microwave and then consume immediately.

  • Mae Tuk Crispy Thai Somtum

    can be enjoyed easily. It is produced by removing water from the content. Just open the bag, pour in some clean water at room temperature, wait 1-2 minutes and then mix. A tasty Somtum as if it is freshly prepared is ready to serve.

  • Rio's Deli Baked Spinach

    with Cheese does not required further baking before consuming but can be warmed up in the microwave. It responds to the lifestyle of working people who want convenience and speed. The dish is delicious and has an authentic texture and taste.

Thanks to these Thai people for creating innovations that make us live better. The uniqueness of Thai innovation is about the simplicity. No need for complicated or cutting-edge technology, just tackling the life problems even in small points to become a valuable innovation.