Thai green packaging innovation for responsible living

Thai green packaging innovation for responsible living

The plastic waste from various packaging and packages has become a problem affecting the environment for a long time. It is a costly exercise to rid the plastic waste which takes hundreds of years to decompose. Though being reused or recycled, the amount of plastic waste is still on the rise worldwide.

The best solution would be for us to work together to lessen the use of plastic and living responsibly with regard to environmental impact and opting for a natural biodegradable packaging. In Thailand, there are alternative materials to plastic being invented. Let's look at some of the good alternatives to foam and plastic.

BIO Environmental Packaging

and Containers are made from bagasse, an agricultural waste, for single-use. Binding materials are used to produce a beautiful, flexible packaging that can be used for hot and cold food, can be put in the microwave, biodegradable by itself and also adding value to the waste material.

Leaf Extrusion Machine

produces innovative food containers from leaves to substitute plastic and foam. Any kinds of large sized leaf which are tough, strong and do not contain toxic resin can be used as the raw materials. Appropriate heat and pressure are used for the production with the top and bottom layers of the container are made fresh leaves with the middle layer is a bio-plastic material made from tapioca or sugar cane starch that helps it to keep its shape. High heat at 200 degrees Celsius is used to dry the container and killing germs at the same time. It is safe for containing food.

Biodegradable Plastic from Pineapple

Starch takes advantage of high amylose content in the pineapple starch which when formed into plastic has properties that are more durable to use, absorbing less water and having lower production costs because the agricultural waste is used. It can be degraded in 45 days, being stronger than materials made from cassava starch. It can be made into a food container in lieu of foam or plastic, making it a healthy and environmental option.

These are some Thai innovative products created to meet the current lifestyle, and most importantly, it reduces the use of plastics and foam. Imagine if each of us reduces the use of plastic by just one piece, we can avoid dumping 66 million pieces of trash and helps the world to have beautiful nature and a good environment for our children in the future.