Live confidently

Live confidently

Live confidently

Living in today's urban society with all the comfort and amenities come with perils such as property theft and industrial accidents causing property damage.

However, Thai people's creativity gives rise to innovations for Safe Living to protect assets from being lost and watch out for unforeseen events so everyone can live with confidence.

With these, people can feel much more comfortable. There are many more innovations for Safe Living which Thai people innovate continuously for a refined living and in harmony with the situation and changes in society in the future.


is a motorcycle anti-theft alarm device which is connected to a smartphone. If the car key is active or the vehicle body vibrates, it will send a signal to the owner's smartphone with GPS locating the car.

Emergency engine shutdown system

is an anti-theft apparatus installed with the vehicle's cables. When theft occurs, the vehicle's owner can command via a mobile phone to the system to stop the engine.


is a mobile app for making motor insurance claim which allows motorists to complete the claiming process by themselves without waiting for the claim inspectors.

Smart Monitoring System

operates through sensors which collect various data through the Internet, process and display results via the screen.

Universal Remote Terminal Unit (uRTU)

is a system that measures and controls devices such as valves, motors, and the on-off functions in a factory, then send the data to be processed at the host computer.