Innovative products and medical supplies for self-care patients

Zendrillon Diabetic Health Socks

help to prevent foot ulcers from compression. The socks contain aqueous urea solution which helps the hard skin to peel off easily, reducing the injury, being safe and convenient, and allowing patients to take care of themselves at home.

Innovative products and medical supplies for self-care patients

For the treatment of illnesses to be effective, the cooperation from the patient is important, especially with certain chronic diseases which require special care.  The patients need to take appropriate action to make their bodies stronger. Nowadays, Thai people have come up with products and tools which enable patients to take care of themselves at home and cutting trips to the hospital. 

Thai inventors have also applied technology and equipment nearby to create innovations which make patients healthy and have a better quality of life. Let's see what innovations Thai people have created today to help patients to easily take care of themselves.

  • Thai Colostomy Bag

    is used for supporting the excretions of artificial fistula made from Para rubber.  It is an alternative to the costly imported versions, some of which have side effects on patients.

  • Heart rate

    monitoring system and health recorder help patients with chronic kidney disease to change the peritoneal dialysis fluid continuously all by themselves. This provides convenience to patients and assisting doctors to analyse the health for an effective treatment.


    is an antibiotic for inhibiting bacteria. It is a cheap new alternative to the expensive drugs, yet offering the same effectiveness and safety as the original medicine.

  • 'Practice'

    is a system for treating arm paralysis patients with animated games. This innovation is made from waste equipment to improve the movement of the muscles. It can be used as a home therapy and doctors can track the usage through the online system.