Innovative medical equipment and tools

Innovative medical equipment and tools

Sickness is inevitable. Aside from treating with medicines, appropriate medical tools and equipment are essential to helping doctors effectively treat patients. Medical tools and equipment have undergone constant development to suit specific treatment pattern. We have to import a lot of medical equipment and tools which are expensive and draining our foreign exchange.

But with new science and technology, Thai people are able to develop a variety of medical tools and equipment. Let's take a look at some of them.

Surgical hemostatic material sheet

is made from Thai rice flour mixed with additives to form a three-dimensional reticular fibre sheet.  It can absorb the blood to its full volume quickly, does not cause any harmful side effects and is biodegradable in the body.

Baby Posture Analyser, or Aphasia Baby Scanner,

looks like a copier with built-in cameras and sensors.  It works by placing the baby on the clear glass above the machine and the machine will analyse the posture of the body touching the glass, then it records and processes digital images to calculate the index for the doctor to use in the diagnosis.

Phlegm suction kit

for children tackles the problem of excessive long suction hose which tends to bend and requiring vigilance to ensure that the hose does not go too deep inside while holding the child's head steady to prevent choking.  That is not an efficient practice, taking a long time and causing injury to children. The issues have led to the invention of phlegm suction unit which works by means of injecting a flexible, clear polymer material -- a more convenient way to use.

The A-Knife

is designed to treat locked fingers. Its tip is slender and rounded with a very thin and sharp blade. It can be inserted through the skin to accurately cut the tendon cover.  With it, the surgery to treat a locked finger takes only about one minute and the wound is only 2 mm wide, requiring no operating room, no stitches needed and the patient does not need to wait one week to have the wound healed before using the hand.

These works are only part of the Innovation for Healthy Living from Thai people that will make medical treatment easier and more effective.  It will not stop there as more technology has progressed and greater access to new information and resources are leading to more and more innovations which bring a better life for Thai people.