Environmental management innovation


is a mobile carcass removal service completed with a continuous high-temperature combustion system and a compact air pollution treatment system.  The religious service for animal funeral management is also available.

Mobile Burn

is a mobile waste incinerator developed from a traditional pottery kiln using a gasification system that recovers synthetic gas after combustion as a fuel to burn waste in the oxidation zone. The synthetic gas is collected back to mix with the LPG at the burner together with the heat reflected from the furnace wall. Therefore, the combustion temperature is higher than 800 degrees Celsius. It can burn wet and humid waste completely and quickly. The residual gas from combustion is filtered with a ceramic filter, activated carbon and glass fiber, and going through a high-performance cyclone system to trap dust before releasing it into the atmosphere. 

Cyclonic by SCG

is branded as the 'Reinvented Toilet' and claimed to be Thailand's first aseptic sanitation system.  It offers solutions to improve sustainable sanitation for people especially in the distant communities and public areas which lack proper restrooms and treatment systems. It features a waste treatment system that can kill germs completely and does not release waste into the drainage system, thus reducing the incidence of communicable diseases. 

Inno Waste

is the machine that converts food waste into quality soil. This innovation is derived from the problem of excessive food waste. The machine comes with blades to grind large and hard food waste before going through soil improvement and drying process. It can convert waste into soil in 30 minutes.

These innovation for Smart Living are the proud Thai products which should be promoted and supported for further development to enhance the environmental management which will make lives better and advancing Thai innovations.