Educational innovation renders knowledge, money and life quality

Educational innovation renders knowledge, money and life quality

The education system is an important foundation for knowledge development in the youth, building competency of people, and enabling individuals to earn new income for themselves and helping to create prosperity for the country.  The advancement of technology and communication systems has spurred innovations in education and new learning. Students are no longer restricted by time and place. Even those in the remote areas or those with unfavourable physical conditions are able to receive educational opportunities and increase knowledge equally. There many educational innovations which Thai people have developed called Education Technology (EdTech).

The EdTech is one of the innovations for wealthy living for it providing people with the opportunity to develop themselves to lift their competency. In other words, when a person is well educated, he or she will be able to find ways to generate income and create a better quality of life.  There are many Thai innovations which should be made known and be proud of.

These are just a few examples from a long list of Thai innovations which create new opportunities and careers for good income. Don't forget to follow these stories and share the pride.


Application allows English learning through 360-degree 3D virtual scenarios on a real-time basis. It provides vocabulary and interactive learning, following directions and voice validation. Learners can therefore practice listening, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking skills with a native speaker.


electronic books come with text and voice version, and sound-only type. The sound version can be played by the Daisy audio book reader, or listen to the sound with the text. This e-book is particularly helpful for the visually impaired to be able to increase their knowledge.

Admission Planning

is an information management program that assists students with educational guidance. It gathers student data, analyses the results and makes plans for further study according to their aptitude to support future work and increasing the opportunity for further entrance examinations.


offers a space for teachers to share interesting ideas in teaching techniques and building engagement with students. The name of InsKru is derived from two words - inspire and kru (teacher).
It serves as an arsenal for teaching lovers for it collects information about teaching in various subjects, teaching techniques and supplementary activities in the classroom. InsKru's content is presented in an easy-to-understand format with drawings, info-graphics and simple text.