Change to make the world better with Thai innovations which reduce waste and protect the environment

Change to make the world better with Thai innovations which reduce waste and protect the environment

Rubbish has become a global problem due to the growing industrialisation and rising consumption of the world population. There are more and more wastes from plastic packaging, as parts of the products, releases from industrial and agricultural production processes. These trashes affect not only the environment, communities, water resources and land, but are dangerous to animals and plants as well. It takes decades or even hundreds of year for them to decompose, causing destruction of the ecosystems and affecting the world in the long run.

These scenarios have led many Thai people to change their way of thinking, adopting a new perspective to find out a smarter lifestyle while maintaining the same comfort as they are used to. Let's see what Thai innovations are in store for making the world and the environment better.

  • Edible Tube

    is an alternative to the plastic straw which has become a source of environmental problem and being dangerous to animals. This Thai innovation is made from rice, corn, tapioca and konjac.  After using it to suck liquids into the mouth, the straw can be chewed and eaten. If left, it can be easily degraded, not harmful to animals and plants.

  • Rice bran pellets mixed

    with Moroheiya add value to agricultural products. They are derived from the bran obtained from the rice milling by controlling the grinding time, adjusting the moisture and thickness, putting through an extraction and drying processes to allow the bran particles to become porous.  The output is now ready for further processing to add more value to the basic agricultural product.

  • Traffy City Platform

    is an app for reporting and tracking city issues like waste management, lighting and damaged roads.

  • 'Refill' Vehicle

    is equipped with a vending machine which dispenses products without the usual plastic packaging. It makes use of IoT technology and software to control the operation of the machine which reduces the use of packaging and cut back the disposal of plastic packaging.

  • Nursery bags from Para rubber

    apply the same 'dipping' process like in the manufacture of rubber gloves. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the black plastic nursery bag.  It can be put into the ground with the seedlings as it is easily degraded in the soil.

These are just a few highlights of the Innovations for Smart Living that allow us to use good products that help reducing waste, mitigating the impacts on the world directly and indirectly.  More importantly, it is also a demonstration of the proud innovation potential of Thai people.