Build quality of life and create stable income with agricultural innovations

Build quality of life and create stable income
with agricultural innovations

Aside from playing a role in our daily life, commerce and industry, the technology has been applied in agriculture in the form of Smart Farm. The Smart Farm technology is used to increase production efficiency and for quality control. Replacing manual works with the automatic controls helps farmers to predict the situation more accurately, enabling them to increase their income. It is an innovation for a better life through stable careers and revenues.

There are many modern agricultural innovations which have been created by Thai people. They adapt the technology to the Thai agricultural model.

  • The sunlight-less vegetable growing set

    This automatic unit does not require sunlight for growing plants but uses indoor LED lighting for photosynthesis. It is connected with a smartphone to control the time and amount of LED light according to the types of vegetable. The system can also monitor the levels of water, fertiliser, temperature and humidity conditions. It is suitable for both houses and condominiums with limited space.

  • Automatic Hatching and Inspection Equipment

    As some eggs are dead in the incubation process, or cracked, and if left to rot will cause hydrogen sulphide that may damage the chicks. So here comes a machine which detects and sorts hatching eggs automatically and effectively.

  • Rice Scent Enhancer

    This innovation for bio-products stimulates the aroma in jasmine rice and adding values. It employs microorganisms to produce precursors, then processed through extraction and blended with nutrients. This allows the rice plant to absorb the substrate and synthesise more aromatic substances.

  • AI Rainfall Forecasts Model

    Most of the Thai agricultural sector is outside the irrigation system and precipitation projections have become crucial for cultivation planning. Thus, a rainfall forecasting model for effective cultivation planning is produced

  • Sugarcane Cultivation Assessment UAV

    This unmanned aerial vehicle can take high resolution pictures, recording the global coordinates, measuring the average height of sugar cane for analysing the cultivation area. It helps reduce time and manpower for a definite management.

  • P-sync Hormonal Skin Plaster

    It serves as the oestrus stimulation for beef cows and milk cows. It regulates the oestrus cycle by pressing the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland. So when the hormone is stopped, the follicle stimulating hormone is released again from the pituitary gland. The oestrus and ovulation follow, and ready for mating.