Addressing changing consumer behaviour to create new career opportunities

Addressing changing consumer behaviour to create new career opportunities

The technology has been developed rapidly and forms part in the daily life in one way or another. The smartphones and the Internet, in particular, have become the 33rd part of people's organs, transforming their lives in every way.

We can connect to the world anytime, anywhere, and devices are getting smarter capable of operating automatically or remotely to become the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT has led to technology applications for works, raising the quality of life and presenting new challenges to meet consumers' needs.

Changing consumer behaviour gives birth to new careers

When the technology breaks the communication barriers between individuals with the social media, it brings about new forms of social behaviour. For instance, there are trading platforms which are no longer limited to a storefront. Time and convenience have become value channels which brought out new types of service which take goods and services to home, and the online shopping which allows buyers to place orders anywhere in the country.  Buying-selling and delivery services have become an innovation that creates professions and new income-generating avenues to fulfil the needs of people in the digital age.

Thai innovations create new opportunities, careers

Many Thai innovations have been created to respond to changing consumer behaviour. These innovations are translated into new opportunities, revenues and careers.  Among them is an innovative education (EdTech) that has applied technology to the online teaching system to increase knowledge and develop new skills to create a more stable career and income. Another good example is the agricultural innovation in the form of smart farming using modern farm management technology in regulating the watering and fertilising, measuring humidity, and controlling the environment that is conducive to the growth of plants via a mobile phone. 

There are innovations which can forecast annual rainfall to assist an effective water management, or using drones to enhance farming efficiency and generating a stable income. Innovation for Wealthy Living is a part of Thai innovations which shed light on Thai people's capabilities in applying technology to generate income and raising the quality of life. Thailand has a myriad of innovations in store for an elaborate and happy life.