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Wax Valley Candle

Wax Valley Candle

Billed as a health and eco-friendly product, this candle is made from natural soy bean rather than paraffin as common in typical candles. Paraffin is a petroleum product when get burned, there will be soot, black smoke or benzene residue in the air, adversely affecting users and the environment. The soy, on the other hand, does create black soot black and has a relatively low melting point when burnt, at 5-7 degrees Celsius which is not very hot when compared with wick candles. That is because it burns better than the spiral version. The soy candle comes with two cords to make the fragrance spread well.


Wax Valley Candle Co.
16/4 hatpattaya Nong Prue
Bang Lamung Chon Buri 20150



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