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V-Watch : Automatic Lane Change Detection Software

V-Watch : Automatic Lane Change Detection Software

Automatic solid line crossing detection software enhances CCTV camera's capabilities with a processor with Video Analytics System. It is designed to be compatible with the existing CCTV camera with the right camera angle and lens distance that focus on the automatic solid line crossing detection. It can detect traffic violations on changing lanes across the solid lines and automatically record the images of the vehicle and its number plate. All of which employs data from surveillance cameras only and no additional sensors are required. The system can also be used both day and night. (If the light is too low, additional lighting may be needed.) The accuracy of the system depends on the camera location, lighting conditions, environment, and lens distance. The detection system will be highly accurate when installed in the right environment with adequate light. The violation detection is displayed on the web interface with current information and historical data. Past offenses are recorded, how far back the playback data is kept will depend on the size of the storage.


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