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Mae Napa


Mae Napa

This is a new format of Thai-styled snack made from steamed sticky rice mostly with banana filling, known as Khao Tom Mud in Thai, which appeals to modern life.  Mae Napha Khao Tom Mud employs retort food preservation process for sterilisation in pressure cooker. It is then packed in a tightly-sealed bag which keeps the content fresh for years with no preservatives added and the original flavor remains intact. Put it into the microwave for a warm serving.ที


บริษัท ทีอาร์ ไทยฟู้ดส์ จำกัด
113/1 แขวง/ตำบล กุฎโง้ง
เขต/อำเภอ พนัสนิคม จังหวัด ชลบุรี 20140



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