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Killifish - Fish whose birth can be dictated

Killifish - Fish whose birth can be dictated

An invention is made from the discovery that the Killi Fish often lays eggs in the soil with little water in the dry season and the roes remain alive. They will incubate when the rainy season comes and gradually increases the water level to allow the eggs to hatch.  That leads to the creation of the Hatchio, a Killi Fish hatching kit which allows people to dictate the fish's birth date on demand.  All you need to do is putting eggs in the water and wait to see Killi Fish larvae emerge. There are six species to choose from – Eggersi, Guentheri, Rachovii, Patrizii, Foerschi and Palmquisti.


Siam Killfish Farm
15 Om Noi
Krathum Baen Samut Sakhon 74130




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