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Canned salty pickled sea crab

Canned salty pickled sea crab

Crabs caught in mangrove in the neighbourhood of Faculty of Fisheries Science and Technology are normally pickled with salt and used as as a condiment and cooking such as papaya salad, salted crab salad, salted crab stew, mango salad, fruit salad, etc. Most of them are used to prepare food without passing through heat or cooked first. That increases the chance of having a parasite or microbial contamination causing danger to health. When stored for a long time, the crab meat will decay, rancid and mouldy. In addition, the packaging used is still traditional, in tin box. That leads to the invention of canned salty pickled crabs that are clean, standardised and of better quality - a way to add value to the typical pickled crabs.


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