Wishing children to grow up with good health? Thai innovations have a perfect answer

Wishing children to grow up with good health? Thai innovations have a perfect answer


is an eyebrow and hair serum for children. It is extracted from pea flowers, fragrant rice bran, and organic betel leaves. It is clean and safe for use, free from alcohol, preservatives, fragrances and artificial colours. Yet, it does not irritate the skin.

Twinkle Star

is a baby food powder produced in a freeze-dried system which retains nutrients and vitamins in its six flavours. The product is the first of its kind in Thailand which employs freeze-dried production process.

One of the problems troubling parents of many families nowadays is the fact that their offspring are shunning vegetables and always putting the green aside. If they were forced, these children become hateful of vegetables. There are also oral health problems caused by them indulging on snacks, the behaviour which results in tooth decay. Parents who have to work outside the home cannot afford the time to prepare healthy food for their offspring. So parents have to let go those problems, and at the end, these children grow up with many health issues.

Fortunately, many Thai people have discovered these 'pain points' and come up with healthy innovations for children. These innovations help ensuring that the children get a complete nutritional value to grow up healthily. Let's see what innovative products are in store.

Vegetable coated rice

comes with a variety of vegetables such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, centella asiatica Urban, sweet basil and basil. These are nutritious for children and pregnant mothers.

Dairy Home

is an organic milk tablet which contains probiotics to prevent tooth decay and good microbes, known as probiotics, to replace the bad microbes in the oral cavity to make oral health sound.


is a ready-to-drink yogurt that helps maintaining dental health for children, preventing tooth decay with probiotic microorganisms which take care of the abdomen and intestines. It benefits the body and preventing tooth decay as well.

You may feel amazed and proud of the Innovations for Healthy Living which Thai people have produced. There will be more and more innovative works in the pipeline worth looking at. Aside from making us healthier and living a good life, many Thai innovations are recognised abroad and their exports contribute to the Thai economic growth.