Thai innovations in tourism and leisure make life more pleasant

Thai innovations in tourism and leisure make life more pleasant

relaxation is a way to create happiness, allowing us to recharge energy drained by stressful works. Travels offer us new experiences in life, learning the lifestyles of people of different cultures, giving enjoyment and a good memory. But travelling to an unfamiliar community area is subject to obstacles related to transportation, accommodation and locations of tourist attractions. These problems may become too complicated that many people simply give up their travel plans.

However, these problems have inspired some Thai people to come up with innovations that help tourists to easily fulfil their planned vacations. These innovations have their own interesting features as follows:

    • Find Folk

      is an online community-based application for tourism Information management. It deals with matters such as the management of income, accommodation and organising activities. The system is capable of analysing data for sustainable tourism development and being put to work through a web browser via an electronic device. This is an important tool in managing tourism and information in the community.

    • Local Alike

      is a platform linking the community tourism with tourists by providing information on community travel routes on the basis of day trip or an overnight package tour. The platform helps developing the potential of each community to stand out with unique tourist attractions. The system comes with trip booking services and a link to the community for notifying the booking status, financial management, collection and analysis of tourist data which is used for further improvement to help build a career for local people.

    • SNEAK

      is a travel planning platform made so easy by using pictures. It makes planning a trip convenient, fast and enjoyable like the online shopping by touching the pictures of all the places you want to visit. The system will then create a travel plan and show all necessary information including recommendations on where to go first and after as well as the cost estimate.

  • See ASEAN through a contemporary lens

    offers an opportunity to experience the region’s way of life from the aspect of Pop Culture. Food, fashion, art, literature, music, sports, media, and various lifestyle activities are conveyed through colours and charm of ASEAN member states in their respective images of tourism which are fun and steep in contemporary cultural value.

  • VR Sphere

    is billed as an exploration machine (not a motion simulator) which serves as a vehicle for navigating the virtual world with no time and space boundary. The machine offers 360-degree virtual view with sound and motion.   Unlike other VR 4Ds such as the roller coaster chair that takes us along a predetermined path to the end, VR Sphere allows rider to navigate the craft to anywhere at will by their own hands.

  • These innovations indeed help tourists find happiness and convenience as a part of good quality living. There are many innovations which are connected with local communities, helping them to develop tourist attractions and goods to generate income and providing an opportunity for the new generation to appreciate the value and sense of pride in the community as well.