Thai innovations in personality and beauty development increase the confidence of Thai people

Thai innovations in personality and beauty development increase the confidence of Thai people

The appearance and personality have become the basis for success in a career. Having a good looking face and a trustworthy personality help increase the self-confidence and also create a positive impression on people who come across.

The innovations in enhancing the personality and beauty of Thailand are extraordinary as Thai people have developed many products which address the subject of health and personality development. This is one of the innovations for Healthy Living and helps Thai people live happily.  

Let's get an update on what innovations in personality and beauty which are proudly crafted by Thai people.


is the laser helmet innovated for people with thinning hair problems. The helmet promotes the hair transplant by stimulating hair regeneration based on the principle of laser therapy installed in the helmet. It helps to improve personality and build more confidence.

Oryze puff

is made from Thai rice flour instead of talcum. It helps preventing moisture, having good oil absorbent and smooth texture - the quality which enables modern women to look good all day easily.

Curma C

is the Turmeric extract in the form of a curcuminoid extract, a great antioxidant to fight against free radicals. It is produced by a unique herbal production technology which makes it easier for consumption.

The Fat Dissolving Patch

employs the nanotechnology to accelerate the fat dissolving medicine into the skin, thus increasing the efficiency of the medication to break down the fat. The patch is easy to use.

The Deodorant Sticker 

is designed for foul-smelling feet and inhibiting microbes. It serves as a substitute to antibiotics and chemicals by using natural essential oils to inhibit the microorganisms that cause odour. It is safe for use and making users feel more confident.

It is unbelievable that some of the small things created by Thai people can become innovations which make life better. They help to solve personality and beauty problems for many. They are truly practical products which allow us to live in society with confidence and happiness.