Thai innovation for prevention and treatment

Thai innovation for prevention and treatment

Thailand has been able to cope so well with controlling the spread of the Covid-19 to earn international praise from the World Health Organization (WHO), US President Donald Trump, former British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and media in Germany, Japan and other countries.

Last year, Thailand was ranked sixth in best health care in the world by the US business magazine CEOWORLD, after Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Austria and Denmark.  Thailand was ahead of Spain, France, Belgium and Australia in the ranking which saw Germany being at 17th position and the United States at 30th.  With Thailand's ranking higher than many developed countries, it showed Thai healthcare system is extraordinary. 

What makes Thailand stand at the forefront of public healthcare?

Clearly there are a variety of factors, from the readiness of the Ministry of Public Health that promotes good self-reliant health among the people, the availability of medical personnel including doctors, nurses and volunteers who can access all areas.

We have a good infrastructure for access to medicines and lower healthcare costs than many countries, and yet we also have Healthy Living innovations to help protect and maintain good health.   The Healthy Living is one of seven elements of the Crafted Living derived from Thai invention.

The Healthy Living is not just about treatment but starting from the prevention and care before illness arises.

The idea of creating good health for Thai people does not confine to medical treatment but begins with the preventive health care by taking care to avoid getting sick. Many groups of Thai people have collaborated to create several innovations for good health, from health food to food for patients or people with health problems, local herbs used in food and medicine, and exercise equipment.


As for the treatment, there has been serious effort to come up with treatment equipment such as high-tech medical devices, prostheses and devices for people with physical problems. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been innovations to deal with the virus in the form of platforms and solutions that make it easy for everyone to consult with a doctor for treatment without having to go to see a doctor.