Smart Pulz another Thai Innovation

Smart Pulz another Thai Innovation

In the country’s time of crisis, another view is opportunity: an opportunity to display our capacity and ability. For example, in the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen Thai ability from many inventions for solving problems that became beneficial innovations that improve quality of life for Thais, particularly medical innovations. Smart Pulz is another innovation that can reduce the mortality rate and infections between patients and medical personnel.

Smart Pulz is a long distance vital signs and heart rate measuring instrument that sends data to the doctor’s hands with an IoT system on a smartphone. This achievement by Mediot Limited Partnership originated from cases where patients’ symptoms decline when doctors or nurses did not check vital signs, causing some patients to die. A concept was created to invent an instrument that will help nurses track patients’ vital signs without having to monitor patients at all times. Smart Pulz displays the following four measurements:
1. Body temperature;
2. Heart rate;
3. Respiration;
4. Mobility.

“โอกาส” “โอกาส”

These measurements are shown via the central monitoring system and are reported to the computer or mobile phone of the nurse in charge of the patient. At first, Smart Pulz was used with only ordinary ICU patients. However, in the COVID-19 pandemic, the invention can be used to mitigate risk of contact with infected patients for doctors and nurses because this work is done via an IOT system. Nurses are not required to come into direct contact with COVID-19 patients. This also helps to save on PPE. Although the system has some limitations regarding WIFI connections and when patients move frequently, the system is being developed to be more effective.

This is another Thai medical innovation that can save patients’ lives and reduce the spread of the disease from direct contact with patients, giving doctors and nurses more safety. As an innovation that “changing lives for happy living”, Smart Pulz provides a fitting response for the current situation.