Meet the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) Innovation Thailand Alliance that is driving towards SMART MICE

Meet the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) Innovation Thailand Alliance that is driving towards SMART MICE

In the business and new public management era, international conferences, trade shows and business matching trips are all vital components for any businesses to be successful. The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has, thus, played an important role in fostering economic growth and generating dispersed income throughout the country through these aforementioned activities. Today Innovation Thailand has invited Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Senior Vice President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization), to introduce TCEB, one of our Innovation Thailand Alliances, who will share with us about the connection between innovation and meetings.

What is TCEB's innovation policy and strategy?

The innovation policy and strategy has been included in the 20-year MICE strategy, in the strategy of developing the standards and boosting potential of the MICE industry, as well as in TCEB’s Action Plan for 2019-2022 in the strategy of enhancing the competitiveness of the MICE industry and promoting MICE as the national agenda. Hence, the MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department has been established within TCEB for over 4 years. In addition, the Roadmap for driving the MICE industry to become “SMART MICE” entails an integration of innovation and digital technologies to develop competitive advantages. Meanwhile, the organization is undergoing its paradigm shift as well as that of the MICE industry to keep up with the fast-changing world, along with strengthening the body of knowledge and expertise. Hence, TCEB has established the MICE Intelligence Center in response to this trend.

Could you give any examples of innovations within TCEB?

Thai MICE is an innovative platform destined to connect Buyer with Seller and all the players in MICE ecosystem in Thailand from the MICE destinations, business operators, hotels, convention centres, event organizers, restaurants, local tourist attractions and activities, the surrounding communities, speakers, to MICE educational institutes to become a comprehensive marketplace. As a result, the organizers can find what they look for in this comprehensive platform without spending too much time searching. This portal has also selected and listed the high-quality service providers in one platform. The platform also provides an overview of the MICE route programs, ready to offer special privileges to organizations both in "Thai Market" and "World Market." The objective is to become the Centre of MICE in Thailand, expand opportunities for the MICE Marketplace while gathering data and building business standards through cooperation across all sectors from many leading associations to public and private organizations. The platform offers 12 categories of over 20 creative MICE routes with superior hygiene standards located in 10 provinces countrywide. Visitors from all over the world can learn more about the provided service and MICE products at

Could you share with us about the cooperation between TCEB and NIA to promote innovation?

Over the past 3 years, TCEB and NIA have mobilized innovation in the MICE industry through various projects such as MICE Startup, the joint collaboration between the public and private sector, startups and tech entrepreneurs in sustainably promoting the innovation of the MICE industry. NIA has also run an innovation contest for the MICE sector, while collaborating with TCEB to develop the Travel Tech category in its Innovation Catalog to display tourism innovations and technologies. With MICE Tech at its core, the Travel Tech category provides information and projects related to the MICE businesses. Most recently, NIA has awarded the TED Fund support funding to Potioneer, a MICE innovation and technology service provider to develop new personal chef solutions (profile, priority search, order management, noti review, payment, API & database) to support the organizers in search of chefs that meet their demands.

Meet the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) Innovation Thailand Alliance that is driving towards SMART MICE

In your opinion, how is the “Innovation Thailand Platform” playing a key driving role in further developing Thailand’s innovation?

To fully transform our country to an innovation nation, it is crucial to communicate and promote recognition both nationwide and worldwide. In my view, to find ourselves competitive at a global scale, Thailand still needs to develop multiple key factors in driving productivity to strengthen our identity as an innovation nation. These development initiatives include conducting more research, creating innovation-inducive infrastructure, stimulating development, increasing productivity in the targeted industries to become a Smart Nation, mobilizing the city, people and ecosystem, as well as solidifying the available resources. Certainly, establishing Innovation Thailand Alliance is, thus, an important step to foster one another across different sectors and truly encourage Open Innovation. Meanwhile, TCEB also promotes the integrated application of knowledge and the utilization of innovation to the organizing MICE event and expanding to the business.

What is your impression of joining “Innovation Thailand Alliance” and how does your organization support this initiative?

Stemming from meetings, trade exhibitions, conventions and mega-events, MICE is globally used as a tool to drive the economy and develop the targeted industry growth. It is, thus, a pleasure for TCEB to be a part of Innovation Thailand Alliance and TCEB stands as the Gateway that connects the ready-for-use innovation while offering them opportunities to expand their market to the “MICE” industry. Our mission is to encourage every organization, both public agencies and private organizations, to seize the opportunity and integrate MICE activities as a tool to further drive their industry. So, I would like to extend my invitation to organizations across all sectors for further cooperation with TCEB.

And this has summed up how innovation can connect the ecosystem of trade shows, conventions, incentive travel, hotels, restaurants and tourism. Even though the world is encountering obstacles from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the innovation will help scale business connections, bridging the gap and bringing the world together seamlessly.