Make the Environment Better with Innovation

Global warming has become a problem for humanity with global impact. Global warming is caused by human activity ranging from population growth resulting in urban expansion to increased invasion of natural areas. In particular, industrial growth has resulted in annual increases in the use of non-renewable resources and manufacturing processes have resulted in waste released into nature, including toxic fumes, particles, wastewater and chemicals that damage soil, water and air. Consequently, the planet is losing its homeostasis.

Climate change or global warming is endangering people and ecosystems. We frequently see the truth of this in news about floods, droughts, life-threatening heat waves, warmer seawater that causes mass death of marine animals, melting polar ice caps that make sea levels rise every year, dying corals and melting permafrost. Ecosystem changes have created loss of biodiversity and the closest effect for us is toxic particle matter (PM 2.5), which has impact on human health. Our modern world is in an environmental crisis with impact on the lives and living conditions of humans. So, we have to pay attention to environmental issues for human survival.


Develop Toward Sustainability and Recovery of the Earth and the Environment with Innovations

Because environmental issues have become global, the United Nations created a roadmap for the world and attracted member nations to participate in successfully achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 with participation from 165 countries and 17 development goals covering social, economic and environmental dimensions. Each year, an SDG Index ranking is made to indicate situations, progress and overall challenges at the global, regional and national levels.

In Thailand, in addition to including SDGs as part of the country’s development guidelines in the 20-Year National Strategy and National Economic and Social Development Plans, Thailand’s private sector and society is constantly aware of environmentally-friendly innovations and technological developments. In 2021, Thailand’s SDG Index was ranked 43rd of the world out of 165 countries with an SDG Index of 74.2**. When compared to Asian countries, Thailand was found to be 3rd highest after only Japan (18th) and South Korea (28th) and Thailand has the highest SGD Index in ASEAN for the third consecutive year (2019-Present Day).

In addition, Thailand implemented the BCG Model, which is a green economic model for sustainable development connected to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy that includes having a bioeconomy, a circular economy and a green economy driven by science, technology and innovation. Today, Thailand is constantly coming up with new innovations such as clean energy innovations, environmental packaging innovations, waste and animal remains disposal innovations, innovations from materials and disused agricultural materials, bio-plastics and clean solar energy, etc. These Thai innovations will certainly spark development to improve the environment and make our world better.