Linking up ages and lifestyles for greater understanding

Linking up ages and lifestyles for greater understanding

Each society consists of different people. Lifestyles of urban and rural societies are different.  Even in the same family, there is a distance between the ages which influences and differs the way of thinking and perspective. The lifestyles of the new and older generations are different in almost every respect.  Different professions also make different people. 

These all lead to a misunderstanding.  And the more technology is developed to cater to the new generation's lifestyles, the more it seems to widen the age gap. Elderly people are left lonely and this is not the problem taking place only in Thailand but around the world.

Bridging the gap, connecting people with innovation

The afore-mentioned problems lead to innovations which can address the pain points of people in each group. There is a connection among people who share a common interest in a subject through new applications and platforms. This fosters closer relationship in a family despite being far apart, connecting people interested in the subjects of food, travel or activities to exchange experiences and sharing good stories.

Thai innovations make life more connected

Thailand today has lots of innovations to connect people to talk about the same subject and linking all lifestyles via platforms which enable people to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. For instance, there is an application which brings the elderly together to join in activities, an application that connects people with jobs available near home, an application for calling messenger services, a platform for professional maid services, etc.

Innovation for Connected Living is one of the Thai innovations for an elaborate living. It helps people of different ages, ideas and lifestyles to gain greater understanding and linking them up every day - a foundation for a truly good and happy society.