Innovative products from plants and herbs

Innovative products from plants and herbs

Using herbs and plants as a medicine and a food is Thai wisdom. For a long time, Thais have used them for disease prevention, treatment and health care. In an age when the world is full of chemicals which are harmful to health, it raises safety questions, and more and more people are turning to herbs for therapeutic and health care because they are safe and causing no side effects.

This leads to the use of extracts from plants and herbs attuned for the modern lifestyle. They become innovative herbal health care products which are unique, adding values for Thai herbs to be internationally recognised.


is a lotion that uses the 'capsaicin' extract from chili as an ingredient. The extract has the effect of reducing pain different from other painkillers in the market by stimulating pain senses at the nerve endings under the skin. It inhibits the transmission of pain sensations to the brain, thereby reducing pain in muscles, joints and nerve endings.


essential oil sticker helps to relieve stuffy and runny nose for young children. It is easy to use, convenient and safe without chemicals. It comes with 100% natural extracts of essential oils from Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender. One sheet can last up to 12 hours.


is a scented repellent mosquito sticker made from an extract of the citronella plant which has mosquito repellent properties. The sticker can be attached to clothing or nearby areas. It is a 100% natural product, containing no chemicals, so it is safe for everyone, easy to use and convenient to carry.

Tantamula Herbal Toothpaste

is an organic herbal product for oral care in people with gum problems, teeth and oral ulcers. It is developed from the Tantamula recipe from the Thai Thippala scriptures which consists of eight main herbs with medicinal properties, and is free from chemical additives.

Germ Guard

is a wound dressing from the mangosteen extract, using Xanthone extract which has the effect on antifungal and some plant diseases. It contains antioxidants which help healing wounds, killing cancer cells and resisting bacteria of gram-positive type. The improvement to the chemical processes results in its ability to kill Gram-negative bacteria by five times more than before. It is safe at the cellular level.