Innovation for Safe Living

Innovation for Safe Living
Innovation for Safe Living

Invent to safeguard life and properties with confidence

The technological advancement has expanded urbanisation and changing lifestyles. There are few members in a family, more people staying single and living in a room or a condominium, while the workplace, appliances and electronic devices have made life easy.

The social characteristics have changed with people migrating to big cities. There have been significant movements of workers from neighbouring countries to create an urban society that is diverse in race and culture.  Such congregation of strangers entails many social problems as well.

Risks of living and insecurity of property

Even though the city life comes with facilities, there has been news concerning insecurity, about the unsafe life and property caused by unpredictable accidents and the acts of criminals in various forms such as:
- Risks and dangers associated with electrical equipment in the house
- Risks of using vehicles, roads and public transportation
- Risks and dangers related to working with machines
- Insecurity of property by criminal acts
- etc.

Innovation for Safe Living

Thai people have come up with more comprehensive innovations related to the safety of life and properties, mitigation of risks involving of transportation and public services, and increasing safety while working with machines.

The innovations ensure the well-being in a daily life with creations which monitor and alert risks related to a vehicle and a house, insuring against theft and new types of technological risk so that everyone's life is safe and the city is livable in every dimension.

Innovation for Safe Living is one of the seven innovations that Thai people have invented and developed. The Innovation Thailand has gathered these creations for the Thais to learn and to be proud of. Innovation for Safe Living is one of the innovations that enable Thais to live their lives confidently and in line with today's lifestyle.