Innovation for Oral Health Care, Attention to detail creates healthy and refined living

Innovation for Oral Health Care, Attention to detail creates healthy and refined living

Good oral health creates a bright smile, so taking care of the health of the mouth, both gums and teeth, is what Thai people care about as well as other aspects of physical health. The innovation in dental care reflects Thai people’s punctiliousness to health for refined and happy living.

Nowadays, Thai people have come up with numerous healthy living innovations including preventive products, treatments, medical devices and equipment. There are also oral innovations which allow us to have Healthy Living.

There are many other innovations for a Healthy Living which are the brainchild of Thai people who care and pay attention to detail to enhance the quality of life. We will continue to present many more innovations for Thai people to appreciate.

    • HOMHOM

      is an innovative sachet mouthwash designed to fit in the mouth, compact, easy to use, lockable, easy to carry, moderate in taste and keep your mouth clean all the time.

    • Stevia Mouthwash

      is mixed with stevia extract and does not contain chemicals which tend to irritate the oral cavity and cause tooth sensitivity. This mouthwash helps reducing the occurrence of tooth decay, irritation and suitable for the elderly.

    • 'Truly User friendly'

      Mobile Dental Chair is designed to be light, strong, easy to move and operate in back country.

    • Wind-powered Dental

      Unit does not rely on electricity. It helps saving electricity and in the event of a power failure dentists can still continue with their works.

    • Small implant 

      for fixing removable denture creates small wounds, healing quickly, and can be attached firmly to the bone, yet can be replaced immediately in no time.