Innovation for Happy Living

Innovation in tourism, music and recreation

Happiness is what people of all nations and languages are yearning for. People define happiness differently. Aside from being healthy, having job security, stable income and a good quality of life, we can create a lot of happiness in life. Some people are happy with jaunts, some seek pleasure with delicious food, some enjoying meeting friends, going to concerts, watching movies, playing sports, etc. There many other things which make life relaxing, mood good and smiling every day to provide an energyto move on in life.

Thai people's happiness begins with smiles, laughter

For Thai people in general, happiness is close at hand much due to their character of being optimistic, friendly and smiling even with strangers. There is a sense of humour even at times of difficult situations among them. Thais are mostly generous and fun loving which leads to creativities that bring up smiles and laughs. These are the charms of Thai people which impress foreigners and famously making Thailand one of the world's major tourist destinations. Being people with a good mood, we have a long array of innovations to keep the spirit high.

Innovation for Happy Living

In an age when technology has played a vital role in life, Thai people are good at combining technologies to create fun and enjoyment with the new ways of life. That results in an innovation for a happy life for many Thais and foreigners. There are many examples to illustrate this: Integrating technology with the communityas a platform for managing tourism information in the community; planning a tour with pictures; creating games that add fun and adventure in the fantasy genre from Thai literature or indie games; creating innovative games for people with disabilities to have a new experience; innovation in organising new forms of concert; making musical instruments from unconventional materials, etc. All of these are aimed at creating new experiences and add more colours to life away from the routine.

Innovation for Happy Living brings smiles and laughs by combining new technologies and ideas with a sense of humour. It is another group of Thai innovations that enable Thai people to live happily, making Thailand the Land of Smiles and friendship that attracts people around the world.