Innovation for Easy Living

Innovation for Easy Living

Easing lives of elderly, disabled and disadvantaged

What is a comfortable life? For the average person, it could mean having the comforts of home, devices which simplify work processes, infrastructure or public transportation which allow you to get around easily and quickly and access shopping centres, cinemas, etc. But for the vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged, the comfortable life is defined as being able to be self-reliant or to get around without being a burden to others and living a normal life. That is considered to be a very special and happy matter for them.

Difficulties in living for elderly and disabled

A daily life of the elderly and handicapped people is subject to many obstacles and limitations that affect their quality of life, such as:

  • Difficulty in travelling
  • Inability to access public infrastructure and transportation
  • Barriers to education that improves the quality of life
  • The elderly must encounter obstacles with their vision, slower physical movement and being prone to accidents and dangers, etc.

 Thai innovation enhances quality of life of elderly and disabled

The foundation of Thai society lies on compassion and support, towards especially the vulnerable groups.Therefore, many innovations have come forth to help solve problems for the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged so they can live a simpler and more comfortable life.

Among inventions to create a better quality of life for them are, the barrier warning for the visually impaired, audio books, T-shirts that the visually impaired can choose colour and size by themselves, devices that help the elderly live safely, etc.

 Innovation for Easy Living is an innovation that reduces differences, enabling everyone to live happily and equitably.
This is just one of the seven Thai innovation groups which make the life of Thai people and the world happier.
There are many other innovations which we will gradually introduce to open new perspectives for Thai people to learn and to be proud of together.