Innovation Thailand Alliance Unites to Revive the Country with Thai Innovation

Innovation Thailand Alliance Unites to Revive the Country with Thai Innovation

Thailand is well-known worldwide as the Land of Smiles. Thai food and our culture of paying respect has been the country’s unique identity for a long time. However, another thing that Thailand does well is Thai innovations. In the past, neither foreigners nor Thais might not have known much about Thailand’s innovations and were stuck on viewing Thailand rather one-sidedly as a “Country of Culture”.

Innovation Thailand

Innovation Thailand is the beginning of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) (NIA) Innovation Thailand campaign to communicate Thailand’s innovations to raise awareness and confidence in Thailand’s innovations among Thais and people around the world in addition to giving Thais pride in Thai innovations that are no less than any other nations in the world. Thai innovations have a unique identity as “Innovations for Crafted Living” that meet the needs of better living, happiness, convenience and more neatness in life. This will create a new image for Thailand in which Thai innovations stand out, are used and spark awareness among Thais to create innovations that will lead Thailand to become an innovative nation.


Innovation Thailand Alliance

Raising awareness and building confidence in Thai innovations requires cooperation from agencies in all sectors of Thailand that must unite to push for domestic and overseas acceptance of the country’s innovation capacity. Thus, the Innovation Thailand Alliance was created to build cooperation between leading agencies of Thailand in every sector including government agencies, private companies, education institutes and business associations. This will create a great national power to “revive the country with Thai innovations”. Currently, 73 agencies have joined the Innovation Thailand Alliance to cooperate in the following three areas: 1) Representing Thailand in building Thailand’s image in the field of innovations; 2) Building awareness of innovation in Thailand through various modes of communication to raise awareness and interest in using Thai innovations or improving Thai innovations to create economic, social and environmental benefits; 3) Exchanging knowledge and expertise through cooperation in developing innovations, personnel, exchanging information and transferring knowledge with broad and in-depth innovation benefits between organizations in the Innovation Thailand Alliance.

People who are interested in following proud Thai innovations can do so at or FB: Innovation.THA and see information, knowledge and innovation services provided by agencies or useful infrastructure systems to push for creation and use of innovations at