Grapple with global warming, improves life and world

Grapple with global warming, improves life and world 

Global climate change stems from the excessive use of resources, causing pollution to soil, water and air. The world is in crisis. There is a problem of global warming that affects life, health, community and environment, yet aggravating disasters. Green innovations which help reducing fuel consumption are the solution for the future life.

For Thailand It is gratifying to know that many Thai people have seen this problem and creating Innovations to tackle the global warming by means of cutting energy consumption, making alarm and protection devices which are earth-friendly and allowing us to live a more elaborate life. Some of them are:

1. Solar Boat

is an eco-friendly alternative to the noisy and fume belching tourist boat which leaves oil slick on waterway. The solar powered boat causes no pollution and is quiet to contribute to a peaceful tourism landscape.

4. Intelligent Bus Stop

comes with the real-time dust detection and warning system. Its dust sensors turn the fan on automatically to drain the dust with a colour screen to display the safety parameters.

2. The 4-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle for air pollution measurement:

It applies drone technology to monitor pollution in hazardous areas with gas leaks and or a severe fire. The UAV is equipped with sensors to measure pollution and report the findings in real time via the website.

5. MasquraX@CMU

is a positive pressure mask capable of filtering up to 99% of PM 2.5 particles. It is designed for easy breathing and comfort with a fan to suck air into the filter that helps preventing dust into the air flow. It is suitable for firemen, forest fire fighters, and traffic police officers.

3. ELIDE FIRE Extinguishing Ball

is a device that helps extinguishing chemicals spread quickly. It saves firefighters from fighting radiation, heat and flames. The ball is small in size and light weight to allow small children, the elderly and women to use easily.

These are some of the proud works of Thai people. The Innovation Thailand has a lot of information about incredible Thai innovations that show the ingenuity in inventions that allow us to live more delicately.