Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency: Part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance’s Collaboration to Develop a Space Economy

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency: Part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance’s Collaboration to Develop a Space Economy

For ordinary Thai people, going to space technology seems distant, because most Thai people may not know that Thai innovations are no less than other countries. Today, Innovation Thailand will take you to speak with Dr. Natthawat Hongkarnjanakul, Director of Space Technology Development Office, Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) about how amazing Thai innovation capacity is. Let’s have a look…

What is the Agency’s Strategy Concerning Innovation?

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) has a vision to be an organization that brings value from space and geo-informatics to society. In bringing value to society, the most important thing is to develop innovations to benefit society and the national economy along with building competitive capacity at the international level consistent with the government’s 20-year National Strategy. GISTDA has a strategy to promote comprehensive development of the country’s space economy through the THEOS-2 System. The THEOS-2 System is a major mechanism in driving innovation, creating an innovating ecosystem, services that facilitate the country’s new space economy and promoting innovation to create investment in the space industry with a focus on geo-informatics innovations.


How About an Example of the Agency’s Innovations That Can Create Changes in Society?

Currently, geo-informatics technology has direct effects on every person. The THEOS-2 project will be a new steppingstone that can promote quality of life and improve the country’s capacity to build satellites and the national space industry, including development of small satellites with participation from Thai satellite engineers which are considered as Thai space innovations in order to promote capacity and bases of the country’s space industry. The following innovations are GISTDA innovations:

1. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based on the Netwrk of CORS Networks collects highly sensitive positional data for industrial sectors and enhances innovation development efficiency in Thailand by using up-to-date data to benefit commerce and high-technology industries that will promote agencies of the government, the education sector and the private sector. In particular, startups and SMEs in space and geo-informatics technology can build in other areas such as agriculture and logistics, etc.
2. The automatic steering gear is an important innovation for autonomous agricultural development in becoming smart farms. Automatic steering gears are designed to be easily installed to the steering system of small tractors in order to control tractor movement directions, which can reduce development costs and time spent farming along with boosting productivity.
3. Driverless electric vehicles are models for development by using highly sensitive positioning technology to enhance driving efficiency on roads, reduce accidents and improve quality of life.
4. The GNSS application management system is used to monitor transportation and production via an application called “G-LOGISTS”. This application is used to manage sugarcane transportation by cooperating with sugar factories in addition to managing cassava transportation. IoT management on agricultural produce trucks can provide transportation system controllers with information and status from the origin to the destination in real-time. This will enhance schedule management efficiency, reduce the number of vehicles with wasted time, reduce likelihood of accidents and reduce fuel costs.

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency: Part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance’s Collaboration to Develop a Space Economy

How is the Thai Space Consortium Project Organized with NIA?

GISTDA and NIA are a major part in developing the space economy. Currently, we have the Space Economy Lifting Off Project to improve capacity and products of startups, researchers and space technology entrepreneurs to turn products into products that can build businesses and grow in the space industry. GISTDA acts as a mentor for competing startup teams.

How Do You Think the Innovation Thailand Alliance Will Create an Innovation Stand Point for Thailand?

The Innovation Thailand Alliance platform plays an important part in solving the country’s problems in order to give people awareness and access to innovations, develop human capital, create occupations, reduce social disparities and create innovation ecosystems as an effect at the national level. The Innovation Thailand Alliance will be the greatest collaboration to develop innovations that Thailand has ever had. Combining knowledge from all sectors to drive the country with innovations will create enormous effects and benefits at the national level. GISTDA greatly hopes that Thailand will become a leading country in the field of innovation with capacity to compete at the international level.

How Does It Feel to Join the Innovation Thailand Alliance?

GISTDA would like to thank the Innovation Thailand Alliance for honoring our organization by allowing us to join the alliance. We are thrilled to have such a good project. By forming the Innovation Thailand Alliance, we can develop and build on much knowledge. GISTDA has expertise in space and geo-informatics technology for satellite development and parts manufacturing. GISTDA hopes to play an important part in developing and reviving the country with Thai innovations by cooperating with every organization. Thank you.

This is an example of the achievements and roles of the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, a member of the Innovation Thailand Alliance that will turn the country into an innovative to become internationally-accepted.