From small things in the home to equipment and machinery at workplace, there are Thai innovations which help increase safety in life

From small things in the home to equipment and machinery at workplace, there are Thai innovations which help increase safety in life

There are various levels of safety in life, from the basic issues related to the daily life to various devices in the house, the fault of the genes that cause allergic reactions to certain drugs or substances, operations of mechanical equipment and working in the radiation background. All these expose us to risks which can be life threatening.

But in the midst of risks in those situations, there are Thai innovations which make life safer, a basis for living a good quality life. At present, there are interesting Thai innovations for a safe life e.g.

  • IoT-controlled power plug

    It enhances safety for users by applying IoT technology to connect data between power outlet and application, chat program, and sensors. This makes it possible to control the operations in the real-time, using AI to process and command the works automatically, thus providing safety for life and property.

  • Tiger mosquito net with nano flame retardant

    is capable of preventing mosquitoes and produced from a new type of net with special fibers in which the mosquito repellent and anti-flammability are embedded. They are made from natural substances, not harmful to people.

  • DMSc-PGx Allergy Gene Testing Kit

    The drug allergy is a life-threatening risk. Here comes a test kit specific to genes which are allergic to anticonvulsants, uric acid-reducing drugs, and antiretroviral drugs. This kit helps doctors change the ways for appropriate medications. It performs better than foreign test kits but cheaper.

  • DMSc-PGx Allergy Gene Testing Kit

    The COBOT, standing for Collaboration Robot, is a robotic arm which works with industrial workers, is lightweight, strong and can move freely. It is capable of recognising the user's face, able to handle the specified objects precisely and appropriately. It increases convenience and safety for people working with machinery.

  • Acovic lead-free x-ray protection rubber sheet

    It is made from rubber sheet using a mixture of Bismuth oxide instead of lead. Therefore, it is safe from lead, lightweight, good for long-wearing, suitable for work in the radiation background such as in the operating room, cardiac department, emergency room, orthopedic section, dental work as well as industrial X-ray work.
    From the simple things to the very complex, Thai people are capable of innovating for a safe living and solving problems. Today we can live confidently and safely everywhere.