Financial innovation: Safe and worthwhile money management

Financial innovation:

Safe and worthwhile money management

A good and happy life must come with stable assets and disposal income. In order to possess a secure financial position, a person need to be aware of  proper management to get a worthwhile return, knowing how to choose a smart payment method to save money and fees. Nowadays, technology has been developed to provide quick and easy access, and well-protected storage to keep assets safe.

Today, Thais have come up with innovative financial innovations to make financial management easy and safe. This is a form of Innovation for Safe Living(Safe Living) that perfectly responds to the digital lifestyle and for a more refined life of Thai people. For example:

  • Refinn

    is an application that compares interest rates for refinancing by collecting data from Thai and foreign commercial banks and providing a simple and convenient connection system.

  • Jitta Wealth

    Jitta Wealth innovation allows automatic fund management without the need to analyse the stocks by yourself, helping to proportion the investment, analysing and choosing stocks with AI to expand your portfolio and get good long-term returns.


    application helps manage credit card debts, recording and analysing expenses, calculating interest charges and planning credit card repayment to ensure flexible financial management.

  • Airpay

    Airpay application serves as an online wallet under the concept of 'complete payment, no more waiting.' It offers the convenience for digital lifestyles to cover bill payment, mobile top-up, game top-up, movie ticket purchase, food order and other services.