DryDye Environmentally Friendly Innovation for Fabric Dry Dyeing

The textile industry is one of the industry that requires a lot of water and energy utilization, especially the traditional fabric dyeing that uses up to 50 – 150 liters of water per 1 kilogram of fabric as well as the use of additional chemicals required for the color to adhere to the fabric. This dyeing process uses tremendous amount of energy while creates wastewater, and leaves chemical residues that affect the environment. With the current trend of focusing on environmentally conscious, businesses in this industry must adapt to find innovations in fabric dyeing to reduce the use of water and chemicals.

ZS International Company Limited has thus developed a “DryDye”, innovative fabric dry dyeing. This revolutionized the dyeing industry by creating the world’s first environmentally friendly dye machine without the use of water. This innovation has won the Best Innovation in Business Award in 2021, Regional Rounds (Central Region), under the “Black Spinel Dragon” campaign of the National Innovation Agency of Thailand or NIA.



DryDye innovation uses carbon dioxide gas as a color binder to the fabric structure. Without using water at all, it helps save up to 25 liters of water per shirt, plus no waste discharge to pollute the water. It also saves dyeing time and the gas used can be recycled to use again. This saves the energy required for dyeing up to 50 percent compared to the traditional water dyed method. It also helps to reduce the use of chemicals that affect the environment too.

This is an innovation that has completely changed the way of dyeing fabrics. Most importantly, it helps conserve the environment. If no one stop developing innovations to help transform the environment, our world will definitely become a better place.