Botnoi A Thai Innovation for Business Survival

Botnoi A Thai Innovation for Business Survival

Chat bots play more roles in business by the day due to labor shortages, higher wages, cost-reduction needs, online retail business booms and effects from COVID-19. Today, small entrepreneurs now have access to chat bot technology to manage businesses by using a Thai innovation called “Botnoi”. Innovation Thailand is introducing you to Dr. Winn Voravuthikunchai, a Group Data Scientist from Telenor Group and Botnoi’s developer. Let’s get to know him…

Definition of Botnoi and Awards Creating Reputation for Thailand

We are a chat bot with good expertise about AI. Our AI nursing system talks with patients, changes messages to audio and recognizes faces. We developed this ourselves without using foreign material. Botnoi’s strategy is to not work only internally. We promote and help most people learn about effects from AI and teach people to use AI. We now have a community and over a thousand students who study online. We also have the Beta file hubs of many researchers. People who study with us can find jobs in the community we’ve created and we use technology to help society. For example, we’ve signed MOUs with the Department of Mental Health to help patients with depression and convert text messages into audio messages for the blind to listen to the news. At the national level, we received the Line Bot Award from Japan in 2017 in a chat bot competition for the best responses. We were also invited to present at TCC 2021 and we developed for Ngern Tid Lor and helped Ngern Tid Lor to win an award for chat bots with complex flows and international-level applicability.


Inspirations that Lit the Spark to Create Botnoi

Botnoi came from an idea to compete with foreign technology. I wondered why Thailand didn’t have its own technology in this area, why we had to import, so I started it. At one point, I also asked myself why I shouldn’t keep going, because it can, and Botnoi created changes, helped disabled people, helped people to work and help children who are interested in AI to help the organization save on expenses. At this point, we have to keep going and I think we can start to sell abroad to bring income to the country.

Key Features of Botnoi that Make It Different from Others

Although anyone can create chat bot platforms, what makes us different is: 1. How we adapt local live to fit Thai people more. For example, our Thai-language AI system and call center connections fit increased demand in Thailand’s market; 2. How we converted text messages into audio messages with local live AI; and 3. The community we built makes us stronger. It makes people who studied with us want to come here and create a society that is a good driver.

Botnoi Answers the Questions that Help Businesses Survive

We have chat bot platforms that can generate income. Chat bots can be developed on the Botnoi platform and sold there. We will also have shares for developers. Recently, many people affected by COVID-19 have turned to studying technology and creating income with feedback. So, I feel good about helping SMEs continue to be able to reduce use of migrant labor and use chat bots in business correspondence.

Additional Features to Support Future Needs

It will probably be connections to systems to have full connection and completeness of sales such as payment systems, identification systems, delivery systems and stock development systems to facilitate service users. In the future, people might type in chat bots like “I want to buy spaghetti” and the system will recommend a suitable product.

“Botnoi” is an example of innovations developed by Thai people. So it’s not strange that the innovation has the best access and understanding of Thai lifestyles. This chat bot technology can reach small entrepreneurs and answer most questions to reduce costs and help Thai businesses survive.