Banpu NEXT Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability

Banpu NEXT Company Limited, a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading Smart Energy Solutions provider in Asia-Pacific that combines innovation and technology with clean energy hardware to design and develop new, smart, effective and environmentally-friendly models for using energy. Today, Innovation Thailand will introduce you to Banpu NEXT. Mr. Chanit Suwanparin, Senior Vice President - Customer Experience, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., will provide information on the organization’s policies, environmentally-friendly energy innovations and how we can improve quality of life for people with sustainability. Let’s follow this…


Thailand’s Innovations Today and the Company’s Strategies Concerning Innovations

The situation today is NEVER Normal. Everything changes quickly with many effects on life. As peoples’ lifestyles go through a major change, so does the world’s energy needs. So conventional modes of life and clean energy use are no longer answers for future trends. Many organizations in the government sector and the private sector are modifying strategies and work guidelines to manage changing conditions for consistency with lifestyles in the new era. Banpu NEXT operates under the Banpu’s Greener & Smarter strategy to drive the organization by developing data-driven innovations and using technology to answer the world’s mega trends and meet the needs of the future by combining human-centric and data-driven analysis with knowledge and expertise in clean energy solutions including hardware, software and digital platforms to design and create smart energy solutions for sustainability.

Innovations that Improve Quality of Life and the Environment

The Company has many smart energy solution innovations such as the Smart Safety Platform in Phuket. This smart data analytics solution is used to analyze issues and problems in the area and design safety systems to meet needs with coverage of problems in three areas consisting of epidemics, crime and the environment. Safety systems are installed by using smart community platforms and applications to collect data, analyze and process data. Systems are controlled with AI technology such as systems for monitoring population density in the area, screening body temperature, detecting people who did not wear masks, giving notifications about abnormal incidents and weather monitoring stations. The officials can monitor incidents via applications in real-time, giving communities more safety.

Another example is e-PromptMove, the first all-in-one mobile solution for clean electricity generation and storage in Thailand capable of generating, storing, distributing electricity and connecting to electrical equipment independently at any time and place. This solution is suitable for use in areas with specific uses of energy such as in disaster areas, camping grounds, food trucks, mobile medical units, field activities, events and concerts.

Thai Innovation Platforms – An Important Role for the Country

Thai innovation platforms will improve Thailand’s image and ability to become an internationally-accepted innovative country with increased capacity for economic competition. The Innovation Thailand Alliance will create cooperation between the country’s leading organizations in the government sector, the private sector and institutions, create data connections, exchanges of knowledge and expertise, cooperation in solving problems and development of innovations to meet the needs of societies of the future. Banpu NEXT aims to contribute to strengthening ecosystems of every organization to create concrete co-development of innovations and drive Thailand toward becoming a smart city along with improving innovation capacity to be equal to other countries.

This is the concept and view from Banpu NEXT, a member of the Innovation Thailand Alliance. Apart from having good policies to improve quality of life and the environment, Banpu NEXT is ready to cooperate with all parties to revive Thailand to become an innovative country for real.