AIS, a Leader in Telecommunication Innovations and the Creation of Innovations for a Better Society

AIS is a Thai brand that has served Thais for more than three decades. And AIS is a leader of telecommunication innovations in Thailand that has won two major awards at the national and global levels, namely the National Innovation Award for Large Organizations as an Outstanding Innovative Organization in 2020 from the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) (NIA) and the “Thailand MIKE Award of 2020 in the area of innovation and knowledge management (Gold Level). This reflects AIS’s commitment to developing innovation capacity and creating an innovative organization. Today, Innovation Thailand has an opportunity to speak with Dr. Supoet Srinuttapong, Head of Technical Knowledge Management, Advance Info Service Company Limited or AIS, about using innovations to create commercial value and sustainable growth for the organization and society until the organization becomes a leading innovative organization in the country. Let’s have a look…

AIS Guidelines on Creating AIS-style Innovations

AIS adheres to the guidelines of Open Innovation by not innovating alone. We cooperate with allies in every sector, including the government, education and private sectors, including leading domestic and foreign research organizations through many projects such as ACADEMY FOR THAIs by AIS Academy, AIS PLAYGROUND UNIVERSITY, AIS IoT Alliance Program (AIAP), AIS Young Digital Talent (AYDT), etc., in order to use each party’s different specialties and strengths to create new and better things. Within our organization, we’ve created an ecosystem that facilitates new generation workers. We have continual innovation management in the organization to manage disruption and we’ve created the Novel Engine Execution Team (NEXT) to encourage employees to have innovator thought bases and participate in using knowledge, technology and creative thinking to create innovations. Furthermore, we’ve created a corporate culture that facilitates ongoing and real innovation in order to allow our employees to create or own innovations driven by every sector in the organization.

AIS Innovations for a Better Society and Environment

We have the Forest Fire Detection Project begun through cooperation between AIS and Tokyo University. This development uses IoT and satellites to detect forest fires with an aim to reduce economic and environmental damage from forest fires. This product began in 2019 and is currently expanding results in collaboration with domestic organizations to access remote areas and achieve earlier detection. We also recognize the importance of creating innovations for society by creating innovations that can be used to solve problems for society in the JUMP Thailand 2021 Project, which is a Hackathon that invites Thais to join forces to think creatively about innovations for sustainably solving the country’s main problems and improving quality of life for Thais.

Innovation Thailand Alliance – A Thai Alliance for Building an Innovative District

AIS Joining the Innovation Thailand Alliance (InTA) is consistent with our Open Innovation guidelines that emphasize accepting cooperation with all sectors, particularly in helping one another build upon and share knowledge to build a Thai alliance that helps and supports useful Thai innovations for the country. In addition, AIS recognizes the importance of cooperative networks. So, we joined NIA and over 20 allied organizations in the Aree-Phahol Yothin-Saphan Kwai neighborhood to begin the ARI Innovation District Project to develop the Aree area into a digital platform that facilitates a sustainable innovation ecosystem under the vision of “Aree 2025 – Become a Smart City Able to Meet Needs of Modern Lifestyles”. The NIA sees capacity and opportunities in developing the Aree area into a cluster of leading companies with AI resources, advanced robotics development, immersive technologies and data connections or transfers using Internet of Things systems (IoT) or deep technologies that will play an important role in developing innovations to steer the country’s economy. This district is considered an innovative district created from cooperation in the Innovation Thailand Alliance between the government sector and the private sector to create an innovation ecosystem in the Aree area.

Support from AIS in the Innovation Thailand Alliance

What we will contribute to developing society and Thailand to move forward strongly and sustainably while pushing Thailand into becoming an innovative country is our expertise in the following areas:

  1. An Open Corpus to allow developers to use Corpus or audio data for AI development.
  2. APIs for application development.
  3. 5G technology.
  4. Cloud systems for testing and experiments.
  5. Innovation knowledge promotion programs.
  6. Connections with networks of experts to provide consultation on creating innovations in various fields.

This is another example of a leading innovative organization in the Innovation Thailand Alliance that will create many innovations to benefit the country. More importantly, this will help to improve Thailand’s image to create awareness and acceptance as an innovative country in the future.