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“เจิร์มการ์ด” วัสดุปิดแผลจากสารสกัดเปลือกมังคุด

“เจิร์มการ์ด” วัสดุปิดแผลจากสารสกัดเปลือกมังคุด

This wound dressing uses Xanthone extract from mangosteen bark which can resist fungal disease in some plants and possessing antioxidants help healing wounds, kill cancer cells and fending gram-positive bacteria but cannot kill gram-negative bacteria. This leads to research and improving chemical processes until it can kill gram-negative bacteria at five times more efficient than before, with safety at the cellular level in animal experiments, human cells and bone cells. That gives rise to development of many products such as the mangosteen peel mask, air filter, wound dressing, acne pads and sterile gauze.


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