When global demand for food is rising, What’s so interesting about Advanced Food Processing Technology?

World’s population is growing rapidly every second and results in many consequences. One of them is ‘Food Production’ . The traditional ways of planting crops or raising livestock may not be enough to meet the future needs. However, with sophisticated innovations and technologies, Advanced Food Processing Technology maybe the answer.

Then, What’s so interesting about Advanced Food Processing Technology?

  1. Protein Engineering - Protein engineering is the process of developing useful or valuable proteins that will enhance the nutritional value and functional properties . Protein Engineering will not only be able to replace and/or substitute animal protein for future consumption need but also for medical and medicinal applications.
  2. Agriculture 4.0 – Also called ‘Precision Agriculture’. Adopting many new innovations to yield better farming result. For example, using satellite to provide information on crop physiological status and soil condition status, explore the opportunity to reduce power consumption and farm chemical usage, etc. The use of ‘Blockchain’ in agricultural business will also provide traceable sources for the operations of agricultural supply chains.
  3. CRISPR & Microbiome - CRISPR will revolutionize genome editing that can be used to manipulate food microbiomes that encompass spoilage and pathogenic bacteria from farm to fork

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