How Urban Sprawl Impact Housing and Transportation?

Bright lights, big city life maybe a dream of many youngsters who looks for opportunities to create a better life and that’s why many people migrate from rural areas to urban city life.

In the year 2050, It is estimated that 66% of the world's population will live in cities and more than 35 cities in the world will become a large metropolis with more than 10 million people living.

Urban sprawl has impacts on economy growth, society, culture, etc. These impacts also give influences on the growth of certain businesses such as housing business and travelling business.

Let’s explore on what make it so appealing to move into the big city.

A home isn't just where you are, it also defines who you are.

For new generations, there are many factors to be considered before making a life-time decision regarding their choice of house.

A good home must be where you can feel comfortable and secure to live in. That’s why many leading land developers are exploring the opportunities of adopting the use of AI to their future plans.

Here are some factors affecting the home buying decision trend:

Homebuyers want the peace of mind that their home is safe and secure. The new houses recently built should be equipped with home security system or even with natural disaster proof.

Homes situated near social infrastructures like schools, hospitals, fire stations, etc. are often viewed desirable.

Homes must be ‘Smart’ and equipped with automation system that will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.

In the future, more than 50% of people living in major cities will choose to use public transportations.

The key to promote public transport is that the transportation must be cheap, fast, reliable, provide high coverage, and ideally with little or no environmental impacts. There must also be transportation options for people to choose from whether commuting within the city or travelling between cities. For example, for a long-haul distance travelling between countries, a high speed electric train maybe a better option to choose than travelling by plane because it's more environmentally friendly.

One more trend that is becoming largely popular is “Micro Mobility” like E-bike and E-scooter. This small vehicle will get you to places faster through the traffic and allow more time for you to enjoy your day.

Future transportation trends will become full electric systems which facilitate the use of automated driving systems. Currently, many manufacturers are working on it.