Electric vehicles will transform the automotive industry like never before.

What are the possible reasons why electric vehicles are becoming a more attractive option?

  1. Evs reduce dependence on petroleum.
  2. EVs produce less global warming pollution that is traditionally produced by a petrol or diesel vehicles.
  3. The presence of monetary and non-monetary government subsidies to support the use of Evs.
  4. Public charging stations are becoming more common to find. Also, with advanced innovations, the time used to replenish an EV battery is quicker and battery lasts longer.

And these are some of the reasons that call for the automotive industry to prepare for the future demand of electric vehicles.

Following the EVs, the world can look forward to a “Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle”. Imagine how convenient life would be if we only need to drive our vehicle to a designated parking spot where the wireless charging facility is available to replenish the battery?

In the future, A.I. will be developed and designed to bring the automotive industry to the next level. The aim is to provide a safer and more efficient mobility. The A.I. will automate the vehicle stability and speed control, predictive braking systems, real-time traffic alerts, etc. When the innovation reaches its peak, we can dream to the day that we don't have to drive the vehicle by ourselves anymore.

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