Innovation - A new landscape of Thailand

With the advent of the Thailand 4.0 Policy, innovation now plays a major role as a driving force behind the kingdom’s economic and social development. This policy not only creates value-added to Thai exports but also promotes the personified reputation of Thailand as an “innovative craftsman” to the rest of the world. It also communicates the value and benefits of Thai innovations to global citizens with the “Innovated in Thailand” branding. This catchphrase is working to familiarize the international community with the country’s new image as it transitions from a tradition-based economy to an innovation-based economy.

The National Innovation Agency, a public organization under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, has launched the Innovation Thailand campaign. Its objectives are to craft a new image for Thailand as an innovation nation and to communicate the “Innovated in Thailand” brand to the international community. The campaign also endeavors to engender national pride in Thai innovations, to inspire innovative creations not only in Thailand but around the world, and to foster international recognition of Thai innovations. The campaign’s key message, “Innovation for Crafted Living,” embodies the notion that Thailand has always been globally renowned for its artisanal craftsmanship. It also reflects the fact that much attention to detail goes into every Thai innovation and that its craftmanship makes lives more comfortable, pleasant, and more fulfilling. The agency is also bringing Thai and international innovations together through the Innovation Diplomacy program, which doubles as another channel for the promotion of Thai innovations in the international arena.

Transforming Thailand into an innovation-based economy requires the complete collaboration of every sector. Governmental agencies, private companies, educational institutes, and civil society have joined hands to apply innovations to every aspect of development. Their efforts have propelled Thailand closer to its goal of being recognized as an innovation nation. The “Innovation Thailand” campaign offers much potential. It will allow the world to see Thailand not only as a country of smiles and deep-rooted traditions that it has been but also as a modern nation driven by innovations with potential benefits for the rest of the world. This transition from a tradition-based economy to an innovation-based economy will also bring about sustainable prosperity to the kingdom in the long run.