STELLATE A Thai Automatic Thermometer Innovation against COVID-19

STELLATE A Thai Automatic Thermometer Innovation against COVID-19

As COVID-19 outbreaks are ongoing, washing hands or temperature measurements before entering public places are ongoing measures requiring strict compliance. The same goes for social distancing in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Therefore, the Stellate automatic thermometer is a Thai innovation that offers a good solution for this situation by measuring temperatures with an infrared system. The system creates thermal images and displays results in the form of numbers, colors or graphs with accurate and effective readings. The device meets standards for medical instruments, helps to screen patients quickly and accurately, providing a suitable choice for immediate body temperature screening and testing.


Stellate Stellate Automatic Temperature-taking Device

Uses infrared measuring technology and face detection technology to detect temperature on the face with high accuracy and testing speed.

  • Designed to meet telethermography standards for accurate temperature measurements.

  • Uses heat detection camera and face detection technology to ensure that temperature measurements are accurate without user error.

  • The system stores facial images of test subjects with temperatures higher than 37.5 Celsius degrees for review.

  • High accuracy up to positive or negative 0.3 Celsius degrees.

  • Detection Distance: 1 meter.

  • Thermal cameras calibrated by a testing center accredited with international standards.


This is a Thai innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic that can screen patients quickly and accurately while reducing contact, an innovation that “changes lives for happy living” and offers a good solution for the current situation.