Marsun, A Fast Patrol Boat Innovator and the Pride of Thai Designers and Shipbuilders for Large High PeroformanceNaval Vessels

Marsun, A Fast Patrol Boat Innovator and the Pride of Thai Designers and Shipbuilders for Large High PeroformanceNaval Vessels

Naval engineering technology sounds like something far-reaching for Thai people. Believe it or not, however, there is a Thai company with the capacity to build, Fast patrol craft, Fast Attack Missile Craft, Patrol Boat, Patrol Gun Boatand every type of multi-purpose crafts. For over 41 years, Marsun Public Company Limited has been an expert in building boats with high quality materials. Today, Innovation Thailand will introduce you to Marsun through an interview with Mr. Patrawin Chongvisal, Chief Executive Officer of Marsun Public Company Limited. Let’s have a look…

What Strategies or Policies Does the Company Have Concerning Innovation?

Marsun emphasizes in continual innovation with awareness of the quality of products and services. Over the past 41 years, the company has invested in creating and developing the company’s own engineering and naval architecture knowledge to improve the company’s naval engineering capabilities and repair quality. The company supports employees in constant discovery of new things. Furthermore, the company cooperates with international companies and partners to apply new knowledge and technologies by purchasing technology and directing our in-house engineers to build on that knowledge for sustainable development. More importantly, the company has collected data on customer needs to analyze and create products values to answer customer needs. We also continually analyze the market demand and steer our directions to changes in the market.

What Are Some Examples of Marsun’s Innovations?

1. The M10 Riverine Patrol Boat is a high-speed boat with a lightweight hull made of aluminum and a maximum speed of over 45 knots. The boat can move sideways, make 360-degree turns and come to an emergency stop without losing balance. The company designs and manufactures this innovation for the Royal Thai Navy, providing the Royal Thai Navy with a highly capable boat at a worthy price to reduce government procurement costs.

2. The M18 Fast Assault Boat is a fast assault boat design and building innovation. This fast assault boat has a maximum speed of 43 knots, is highly flexible and capable of landing on a beach to provide fast transportation for special operations units. In addition, the M18 Fast Assault Boat was designed to have a narrow turn and is capable of stopping immediately by reversing propulsion in order to support security operations at full capacity.

3. The M36 Patrol Boat was 100% designed and built by our Marsun’s Thai engineers. This fine and well-proven design is combined with modern technology to create a highly capable multi-purpose boat for coastal patrols and awide range of missions. With flexibility, fuel conservation and reduced pollution, this boat offer highly positive impact and usability to Royal Thai Navy operations.

4. The M58 Patrol Gun Boat is the largest boat ever designed by Marsun. This boat was designed to have modern combat management system and fire control system. The bow was designed to be equipped with a 72/62 mm. cannon with a fire control system. The stern is equipped with a 30 mm. remote control machine gun, and the port and starboard sides are equipped with two .50 inch machine guns. The design is considered the main deck’s strength to safely support gun weight and impact from firing. This innovation is absolutely the pride of Thai people from designing and building a large and high-performance boat.

Marsun, A Fast Patrol Boat Innovator and the Pride of Thai Designers and Shipbuilders for Large High PeroformanceNaval Vessels

How Do You Think the Innovation Thailand Alliance Will Play a Role in Developing Thailand’s Innovations?

The Innovation Thailand Alliance is considered a main steering gear for taking the country’s development to the international level, improving competitive capacity and developing knowledge to be competitive to other countries. The Innovation Thailand Alliance will create connectivity that builds on knowledge by integrating the knowledge, expertise, and strength of each organization to create innovative goods and services with economic, social and environmental value, while enabling Thailand to compete with foreign countries and leading to improved quality of life for Thai people.

How Does It Feel to Be Part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance?

Marsun is pleased to be part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance to join forces and use the strengths and expertise of each company to cooperate and build on one another’s knowledge. Marsun is happy to be a leader in supporting naval engineering knowledge for Thai shipyards, sharing experience, advising and providing work observation opportunities for people who are interested in order to create opportunities for exchanging, learning and gaining new experiences that can be applied in various organizations or academic institutions

"Marsun" is regarded as one of the Thai shipyards company with high potential to showcase of naval engineering capabilities and naval architecture of excellent domestic craftsmanship. Becoming part of the Innovation Thailand Alliance will build strength and enable the company to share knowledge and expertise to improve Thai innovation to be accepted in the global.