Life is Happier and Safer with Innovative Household Spray-On Fire Extinguisher

Life is Happier and Safer with Innovative Household Spray-On Fire Extinguisher

Fire!! A potentially catastrophic damage to both lives and properties. Majority of the fires happen in densely populated area, especially from households that regularly use gas stoves for cooking, boiling, stir-frying, and frying. Adding to the problem is electricity short-circuit. This is especially problematic during the lock-down where homes keep the lights and air-conditioners on all day, increasing the risk even more.

Although we are familiar with the fire extinguishers installed in public places, when a fire breaks out, there might be no one who can use a fire extinguisher! There would be no time to study the manual and a fire might spread widely and already causing damage.

From the problems and challenges outlined, a Thai inventor has invented a spray-on fire extinguisher that is easy to use, turning complicated product into an easy-to-use solution. “FLAMEX” is an innovative fire extinguisher spray from NASA FIRE PRODUCT AND SAFETY CO., LTD.. A small can of spray is easy to use for adults or children. It is suitable for use in homes, cars, hotels, and restaurants with limited space. The formulars have been developed to cope with the 4 types of fires:

  1. Type A Common Dry Fuel Fire. It is a fire caused by wood, cloth, paper, rubber and plastic.
  2. Type B Fuel Fire. It is a fire caused by oil, grease, and colored oil.
  3. Type C Electric Current Fire. It is a fire caused by electrical equipment and short circuitry.
  4. Type K Kitchen Fire. This is a fire caused by kitchen tools or cooking items such as vegetable oil and animal oil.

The innovative spray-on fire extinguisher FLAMEX is packaged in a single piece of aluminum container that can withstand up to 20 bar of pressure. It has a special nozzle capable of spraying up to 4 meters in distance continuously for 25 seconds. The product is 450ml in size and is suitable for home use or installed in vehicles and hotels.

เพลิงไหม้ เพลิงไหม้

It is the world’s first innovative spray-on fire extinguisher. It was developed by a Thai inventor and manufactured in Thailand. It has also won the Best Innovation of Thailand Awards 2021, Regional Rounds (Northeast Region) under the “Black Spinel Dragon” campaign of the National Innovation Agency of Thailand or NIA. It is a product that meet the needs perfectly. It helps reduce the spread of fire, reduces the damages to lives and property, and helps change the live of Thai people to be happier and safer.